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Structural Mechanics Simulation


Perform finite element (FE) stress simulations directly on computed tomography (CT) scans. The structural mechanics simulation features in VGSTUDIO MAX provide an easy-to-use simulation model that is particularly suitable for highly complex structures such as foams, lattice structures, or components with microporosity, since no geometry-conforming mesh is needed. With one click, you can include the results of a porosity analysis to simulate stress concentrations around defects. Results have been validated against experimental tests and classical FEM simulations.

Structural Mechanics Simulation Features

Stress analysis on a bionically optimized aeronautic structural bracket

Compressed material sample of open aluminum foam

Stress concentration at individual pores in a component

Loaded snake fang (Causus rhombeatus ) with visualized force lines showing the simulated bite force (Data from du Plessis, A., le Roux, S. G., & Broeckhoven, C. (2016), scan from Stellenbosch CT Scanner Facility)

Detect and visualize local maxima of von Mises stress

Calculate the maximum value (hot spot) of a selected stress component