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Happy Easter 2022!

Happy Easter 2022!

Painting on Eggshells

Surprise eggs are a beloved part of Easter here at Volume Graphics. Inside its chocolaty shell, you never know what you're going to get! Fortunately, we can find out using VGSTUDIO MAX. But before we crack it open—virtually, of course—let's add a splash of color to the egg itself!

Incidentally, did you know that some 3D printers print colors? If we want our analysis up close and personal, we can work with and export colored meshes for 3D printing.

Wall thickness analysis with look up table on the outer shell of a surprise egg

Wall thickness analysis on a surprise egg

Using VGSTUDIO MAX, we can create a colorful mesh from a nominal/actual, wall thickness, or porosity/inclusion analysis! Any of these would work, but let's go with a wall thickness analysis as an example.

It's easy! Calculate the comparison, right-click the analysis, and create a colored surface mesh from the results. 

Right-click analysis and click "Create," "Colored surface mesh from analysis result(s)"

Right-click the analysis and click Create > Colored surface mesh from analysis result(s) 

The colored mesh should pop up in the Scene Tree. 

Right-click the mesh and click "Export," "Surface mesh..."

Right-click the mesh and click Export > Surface mesh...

With a few clicks, we can export the surface mesh to print. 

In the spirit of the holidays, don’t forget to add color!

Hint to tick "Triangle colors" in the "Surface mesh export dialog"

Tick "Triangle colors" in the "Surface mesh export" dialog

The neat thing is, even if you don't have a colorful 3D printer, the colored mesh can be exported in a variety of standard formats, like .stl, .obj, or .ply, which can be opened with many applications, even outside of VGSTUDIO MAX.

Pro-tip: don't forget to take a screenshot of the look up table (LUT) to keep track of what the colors mean. 

Now you can share the STL file with colleagues!

Without further ado, let's use our VGSTUDIO MAX vision to peer inside the egg and see what we get!

Easter Surprise!

Happy Easter from VG Stories!

Wall thickness analysis on what is inside the egg: an Easter bunny

Surprise! Wall thickness analysis on what is hiding inside the egg

Happy Easter from VG Stories!

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Users of VGSTUDIO MAX can find out more about nominal/actual comparisons, visualization, and rendering in the tutorials included in the software.

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