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The Software for Automated CT Inspection

Scan – Analyze – Evaluate – Repeat...

VGinLINE inspects your parts automatically and non-destructively with industrial computed tomography (CT). It’s simple to set up and works with almost every CT system on the market – right out of the box.

View the content of your inspection tasks at a glance

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Automation for Every Requirement

VGinLINE automatically or semi-automatically inspects your parts with a recurring analysis pattern:

  • Fully automated, in-line: 100% inspection in industrial production
  • Fully or semi-automated, at-line: small batch series inspection in industrial production or quality labs
  • Semi-automated: sample tests in quality labs or at service providers



Broad Feature Set

VGinLINE Complete offers all relevant features of VGSTUDIO MAX, i.e., coordinate measurement, wall thickness analysis, nominal/actual comparison, defect detection (pores, voids, inclusions), fiber orientation analysis, and foam/powder analysis.*

Maximum Flexibility

You can easily reconfigure VGinLINE yourself, whether you need to adjust for small changes to the product design or want to inspect a totally different product. Individually developed inspection systems are often geared to just one task, typically making changes difficult and very expensive to implement.

Extensive Compatibility

VGinLINE can work with almost any format – reconstructed CT volumes, even in proprietary formats (upon request), as well as projection images taken by your CT scanner, which VGinLINE can automatically reconstruct. No CT scanner? VGinLINE also supports point clouds and meshes in addition to voxel data.

Complex Inspections Made Easy

VGinLINE is based on a simple idea: Monitor directories for incoming CT data sets.

Let’s say your CT scanner saves the scan data of part 1 in one directory and the data sets of part 2 in another directory. If configured accordingly, VGinLINE knows to run a defect analysis on part 1, but to apply a measurement template and run a nominal/actual comparison on part 2.

If-then statements in jobs allow for even more complex inspections. For example, you can determine if you’re currently dealing with part A or B and, as a consequence, run different analyses. Or maybe further analyses are unnecessary if the first analysis finds an insufficient wall thickness, for example.

* VGinLINE Cast & Mold Extended is especially tailored to the foundry sector and includes the add-on modules Coordinate Measurement, Nominal/Actual Comparison, Wall Thickness Analysis, and Extended Porosity/Inclusion Analysis (includes P 201/VW50097 and P 202/VW50093).

In quality labs/for service providers

In industrial production

In industrial production

1. Scan several items in-line (at-line, in the lab); 
2. Save project data in dedicated folders; 
3. Supervise project data folders with VGinLINE; 
4. Execute the preconfigured evaluation schemes; and
5. Come to a pass / fail decision.
Optional: Review and manually re-approve results with the web software VGinLINE APPROVER.

How It Works

  • With jobs, you define what VGinLINE does with CT data sets.
  • Use VGSTUDIO MAX to create macros and templates while drawing from the full scope of available analyses.*
  • Build a new job from scratch by combining macros and templates, or duplicate and modify an existing job.
  • In VGinLINE, you can include if-then statements in your jobs if necessary—simply via drag and drop.
  • To save time, you can tell the software to execute recurring steps within the inspection process only once.
  • More important jobs will be calculated first based on the priority you assign.
  • Our software assists you with setting up jobs and finding inconsistencies.
  • If an inspection could not be finished (e.g., because of a computer or network problem), VGinLINE ensures it will be processed again.
  • The dashboard keeps you informed about the status of your inspections and the results for every part in real-time.

* Depends on license (VGinLINE Complete or VGinLINE Cast & Mold Extended).

By loading the video, you agree to transmitting data to YouTube and that you have read our privacy policy.



Keyword: .vgl

The file format ".vgl" is the industry standard for the exchange of 3D data from industrial computed tomography (CT). Independent of the CT hardware used, ".vgl" data can be used flexibly throughout the entire workflow - for quality control, metrology, damage analysis, and product development.