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FAQ Ribbon User Interface

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Ribbon User Interface

The new user interface introduced in version 2023.1 makes use of the modern ribbon concept.

Our redesign focuses on

  • the main menu;
  • the icon bars; and
  • the various floating toolbars.

These elements are now included in the ribbon.

Other elements, such as context menus, tools, workspace viewports and their interactions, and dialogs have remained largely unchanged. Many menus now have equivalent ribbon tabs of the same name and contain the same or nearly the same functions, in slightly adjusted order.

Major benefits of the new ribbon user interface:

  • A well organized and customizable user interface.
  • Logically arranged functions with recognizable icons.
  • A new Search function that helps you quickly locate seldomly used functions.
  • Extended shortcuts and a new shortcut editor that speed up workflows by removing the need for tedious mouse interactions.
  • The option to customize or create entirely new tabs in the ribbon. These customizations can be saved and shared so you can tailor the user interface to your specific workflows.

For a brief summary, don't miss out our Ribbon Quick Start Guide!










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