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Maximum Precision, Minimal CT Data Set Sizes

The Universal Metrology Solution

VGMETROLOGY is made for metrologists. Our universal metrology solution turns your computed tomography (CT) scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device.


  • Full-featured. VGMETROLOGY offers you the full metrology-related functionality of VGSTUDIO MAX including GD&T functionality.
  • Uncompromisingly accurate. VGMETROLOGY gives you the complete picture of all object surfaces — and saves it in the very compact .mvgl format.
  • Universal. VGMETROLOGY works natively on voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data.
  • Easy-to-use. The focused range of functionality makes VGMETROLOGY easily accessible for new users.
  • Efficient. Powerful automation functions speed up your work when dealing with repetitive tasks and analyzing periodic structures.
  • Seamless. You can exchange files between VGMETROLOGY and other Volume Graphics products.

Full-featured but nonetheless easy-to-use – VGMETROLOGY is made for metrologists.

The Volume Graphics Metrology Kernel in VGMETROLOGY has been tested by the national institutes PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).*

* PTB and NIST verified: This software contains the Volume Graphics Metrology Kernel VGMK 2023.1.0 which passed the PTB test for “Evaluation software based on minimum-zone method for coordinate measuring machines” and the PTB test for “Evaluation software based on least-squares method for coordinate measuring machines” and which was verified by the NIST “Algorithm Testing and Evaluation Program for Coordinate Measuring Systems”. The test results were obtained under Windows (64 bit).

Three Editions

VGMETROLOGY comes in three editions: A stand-alone edition with built-in surface determination, an essential edition VGMETROLOGY ES, which can open .vgl and .mvgl with already determined surfaces, and a viewer edition VGMETROLOGY VIEWER.

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The ".mvgl" file format packs everything metrologists need into one compact, easy-to-handle file. This file contains the best possible object surface without any loss in quality.