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The Simple Solution for the Visualization of CT Data

The Simple Solution for the Visualization of CT Data

VGSTUDIO is the ideal choice for visual quality inspection in industrial applications, e.g., in the electronics industry, but also for the visualization of data in fields of academic research such as archaeology, geology, and life sciences. 

VGSTUDIO covers the entire workflow, from the precise reconstruction* of three-dimensional volume data sets using the images taken by your CT scanner to visualization (in 3D and 2D) and the creation of impressive animations.

* The CT Reconstruction Module is not part of the basic edition of VGSTUDIO and must be purchased separately.

Example of the use of non-planar view. Left and middle: regular slice view, the line reflects the path of the non-planar slice, right: non-planar view

Unrolled object

Unrolled object


Upgrade Options

If your needs grow, you can upgrade VGSTUDIO to VGSTUDIO MAX, giving you access to all analysis add-on modules: Coordinate Measurement, Nominal/Actual Comparison, Wall Thickness Analysis, Porosity/Inclusion Analysis, Fiber Composite Material Analysis, Foam/Powder Analysis, Structural Mechanics Simulation, Transport Phenomena Simulation, Manufacturing Geometry Correction. *

* Add-on modules are not part of the basic edition of VGSTUDIO MAX and must be purchased separately.

Licenses and Languages

  • Available as node-locked or dongle license

Keyword: .vgarchive

".vgarchive" is the convenient file format that combines all files, folders, and even source data from VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, or VGMETROLOGY.