High-End lndustrial CT Software

High-End Software for CT Data

From design to serial production, VGSTUDIO MAX* enables you to keep the quality high by getting full insight into your products. At every step of the production process. All over the world.

It’s not about VGSTUDIO MAX.

It’s about the results it delivers.

The demands on the quality of your products are numerous and challenging. The tools in VGSTUDIO MAX provide you with the reliable results you need to make the right decisions to meet these demands. Whether you are using the all-encompassing technology of CT or other 3D data formats such as point cloud, mesh, and CAD; VGSTUDIO MAX covers all your requirements related to metrology, defect detection and assessment, material properties, or simulations in a single software. All of its analysis, simulation, and visualization tools fit perfectly into your digital workflow.

Obtain results quickly, easily—and with incredible accuracy. The metrology algorithms are tested by the national institutes PTB and NIST. Furthermore, VGSTUDIO MAX can determine the surfaces of your scanned objects, including the smallest details, with subvoxel accuracy.


Built for Efficiency

VGSTUDIO MAX gives you results you can use right away, including insightful graphics and comprehensive reports. It is built from the ground up to handle even large data sets. When dealing with repetitive tasks, powerful automation functions are at your side to help you speed up your work. Analyzing periodic structures of an object becomes a breeze with the easy replication of analyses. 

Share your results without time-consuming format conversion: With the free myVGL viewer, everyone can open files in the .vgl format, the widely used standard for the exchange of 3D data from industrial CT. 

Ready for Tomorrow

VGSTUDIO MAX is designed for seamless operation, whether in the laboratory, in production, or during the transition from laboratory to production. Its comprehensive set of features is based on a deep understanding of your current and future needs in the field of CT data analysis. 

Thanks to its modular concept, VGSTUDIO MAX evolves with you. Step by step. And independently of your CT hardware.

Peace of Mind Included

When you choose VGSTUDIO MAX, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a team of experts with a deep understanding of your tasks at your side. This begins even before the purchase when our sales experts help you configure your VGSTUDIO MAX and our consultants evaluate your specific challenges and continues long after the purchase: an update/ service agreement keeps your software up to date, a competent team of specialists with short response times is there to support you, and training courses at VG Academy get you up to speed in using VGSTUDIO MAX.


Your Questions, Your VGSTUDIO MAX

No matter which insights you need to gain about your products, the configuration options in VGSTUDIO MAX will get you there your way.*

Basic Edition 

Your starting point is the basic edition. It offers innovative measuring instruments, visualization capabilities for visual inspections as well as reporting and presentation functions. 

Add-on Modules 

Choose from a wide selection of modules for material analysis, geometry analysis, simulation, and CT reconstruction. And if your needs grow, so does VGSTUDIO MAX. 

Packages and Bundles 

To make it easier for you, VGSTUDIO MAX is available in pre-configured packages tailored to the most common application areas. A package includes a VGSTUDIO MAX license, a selection of add-on modules, and a one-year update/service agreement. If you already own a VGSTUDIO MAX license, you can add a pre-configured bundle to your VGSTUDIO MAX. A bundle consists of a selection of add-on modules and a one-year update/service agreement.  


VGSTUDIO MAX is always getting better, with new features rolling out regularly. With our update/service agreement, you can keep up with current developments in the analysis and visualization of industrial CT data while still saving money compared to the regular upgrade price.

Basic Edition + ...

Add-on Modules for CT Reconstruction

Add-on Modules for Geometry Analyses

Add-on Modules for Material Analyses

Add-on Modules for Simulation