High-End lndustrial CT Software

High-End Software for CT Data

VGSTUDIO MAX is the high-end software for the analysis and visualization of industrial computed tomography (CT) data. Innovative companies not only use VGSTUDIO MAX in non-destructive testing, but also increasingly integrate it into their future-oriented development and production solutions.


Areas of Application

  • Measurements on even the most difficult-to-access surfaces of a component (Coordinate Measurement Module)
  • Non-destructive defect discovery in castings, including prediction of pore cuts (Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Module)
  • Defect analysis according to specifications P 201 and P 202 (Enhanced Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Module)
  • Comparison of manufactured parts with CAD data, mesh data (.stl), or other voxel data (Nominal/ Actual Comparison Module)
  • Wall thickness analysis: localization of areas with an insufficient or excessive wall thickness or gap width (Wall Thickness Analysis Module)
  • Automation through the modular use of macros in different contexts
  • Determination of cell structures in porous foams and filter materials (Foam Structure Analysis Module)
  • Calculation of fiber orientations and other relevant parameters in composite materials (Fiber Composite Material Analysis Module)
  • Virtual stress tests for the non-destructive simulation of mechanical stress directly on CT data (Structural Mechanics Simulation Module)
  • Flow and diffusion experiments, e.g., on CT scans of porous materials or composite materials (Transport Phenomena Module)
  • Reconstruction of three-dimensional volume data sets using images taken by a CT scanner (CT Reconstruction Module)

Working with VGSTUDIO MAX

  • Determine surfaces with subvoxel accuracy for the highest precision and smallest details (Coordinate Measurement Module).
  • Work natively with voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data.
  • Import native CAD files for analyses and segmentation tasks (CAD Import Module).
  • Use additional part information from PMI data for efficient measurement plan creation (CAD Import with PMI Module).
  • Quickly segment volume data sets into individual parts or regions.
  • Easily ‘unroll’ cylindrical objects, flatten bent surfaces, and combine consecutive slices.
  • Combine analyses, e.g., to classify a defect according to its size in relation to the local wall thickness.


  • Optimized for modern hardware with SSD and SSD RAID storage and multiple GPUs
  • Unload/reload data function for gray values: Work with high-resolution CT data sets on less powerful PCs and easily transfer these projects. Gray-value-based analysis results are preserved.

VGSTUDIO MAX offers an add-on module for nearly every application you can think of:

Licensing Models

  • Four license models: node-locked, floating, global floating, or dongle license
  • Six languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
  • Free evaluation license with full functionality:


  • Optional update/service agreement for access to regular product updates and priority support
  • Individually combinable add-on modules for tailoring VGSTUDIO MAX to your needs

We Have Packed Some Powerful Software Packages for You

  • Preconfigured for the most common tasks within various industries
  • Considerable savings in comparison to buying modules separately
  • Including an update/service agreement that will keep the software up to date up to one year after the date of purchase

System Requirements

Please visit our website to read about the latest system requirements for VGSTUDIO MAX:

Keyword: .vgl

The file format ".vgl" is the industry standard for the exchange of 3D data from industrial computed tomography (CT). Independent of the CT hardware used, ".vgl" data can be used flexibly throughout the entire workflow - for quality control, metrology, damage analysis, and product development.