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The Free Viewer App for Your 3D Data*

myVGL Is the Free Viewer App for Projects Created with Volume Graphics Software 

With myVGL, you can view 3D objects (in voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD format), the analyses and measurements performed on these objects, and the results.

myVGL is fully compatible to VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, and VGMETROLOGY as well as previous versions. It also offers the new, flexible reporting features of VGSTUDIO MAX.

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Desktop with myVGL software

myVGL is the free viewer app for projects created with VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, and VGMETROLOGY

Get Your Free myVGL Live Demo

You want to download myVGL? Now all you need is a free live demo of Volume Graphics software to get you started in the world of industrial CT. Volume Graphics live demos are not off-the-shelf. Let an industrial CT expert walk you through the most important aspects of the software and ask your individual questions.

The Perfect Companion to VGSTUDIO MAX and VGMETROLOGY

myVGL is perfect for sharing the results of a CT data analysis – whether you receive data, e.g., from your quality lab or a scanning service provider or you want to exchange CT data analysis results with colleagues.

  • This free software allows you to view analyses and visualizations created with VGSTUDIO MAX and VGSTUDIO interactively and in 3D.
  • myVGL is the universal viewer app for projects saved in .vgl, .mvgl or the .vgarchive formats.
  • myVGL can also be used to view metrology projects created with VGMETROLOGY or VGMETROLOGY ES (.mvgl files) – just as, of course, VGMETROLOGY VIEWER.
  • Additionally, myVGL can open the handy single-files that combine all files, folders, and even the source data (.vgarchive files).
  • myVGL is also able to open data sets with unloaded gray values and thereby save memory.

Reporting Features

You can not only view and examine all analyses and analysis results created using Volume Graphics software with myVGL. You also have access to the new export and reporting features that you know from VGSTUDIO MAX:

  • Save all analysis results in a standardized folder and file structure with the new VG Report Format (.vgrf)
  • Generate reports on all the analyses linked to an object with new top-level reporting.
  • Together with Microsoft Excel, create comprehensive and completely customizable test reports (function requires Microsoft Excel).
  • Publish .pdf files directly from myVGL.


Dr. Anton du Plessis gives a presentation at the User Group Meeting