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VG Stories

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All at Once: How to Combine Voids and Inclusions in One Analysis

Porosity can damage the part, inclusions can damage the tool. So keeping an eye on both types of …

Your Image Goes Here

Your colleagues from marketing have asked you to provide them with a fancy picture for once. No …

Did You Know? How to Color ROIs

Life is a bit boring in black and white. Learn how to splash some color on your masterpiece in …

A Clean Slate: Using ROIs to Polish the Surface

By using ROIs, you can really make your surface shine! Check out how we can quickly and easily …

Let's Talk Print Resolution

Learn how to create sharp, high-resolution images in VGSTUDIO MAX.

The Revolutionary Evolution of Hairpin Inspection

It is difficult to imagine that in 1907, a little over a hundred years ago, cars were just …

Power to the PAPR: Reverse Engineering in the Pandemic

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which was first identified in December 2019, tipped the first …

Let's Do the Twist: Automating Transformations

Check out this neat workaround for automating pure transformations in VGSTUDIO MAX.