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The Extra Yard: The Ins and Outs of an American Football Helmet

It is no secret that American football is the most popular sport in the United States. In fact, …

VG at the Dentist!

In some dental practices—and at least in large dental laboratories—digitization has arrived. For …

Let the Ink Flow: Reconstructing a Fountain Pen

Gifts often hold great sentimental value—so great, in fact, that it is hard to believe such a small …

Nature's Time Capsules: Segmenting Beetles in Coprolite

Beetles are said to have been around as early as the Carboniferous period (ca. 360–300 million …

Past, Present, and Future: Recreating History in Lunéville

In the early 18th century, sculptor Barthélemey Giubal brought five figures to life for the palace …

The Art of Clipping: A Piece of Cake

Let's say you invited some virtual friends over for some virtual cake. The question is, how do you …

Did You Know? How to Color ROIs

Life is a bit boring in black and white. Learn how to splash some color on your masterpiece in …

A Clean Slate: Using ROIs to Polish the Surface

By using ROIs, you can really make your surface shine! Check out how we can quickly and easily …