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Our Technology

Volume Graphics software automatically reconstructs volume data sets from the projection images taken by a CT scanner

Industrial CT as a Basis

Volume Graphics helps you learn as much about your product as possible. Industrial CT is the ideal tool for this, as a CT scan reveals every aspect of a component. Our software uses the numerous projections that are collected during the scan to reconstruct a three-dimensional volume including all material and geometric information. 

A voxel is the 3D-equivalent of a pixel
Using the subvoxelprecise surface determination (right) reduces your measurement uncertainty by giving you details the voxel-based surface determination (left) is not able to show.

*the basic version of VGStudio MAX supports STEP and IGES formats; support for native CAD formats and PMI can be achieved through optional add-on modules.

The CT Reconstruction Module calculates three-dimensional volume data sets from the images taken by your CT scanner

Nominal/Actual Comparison Module: color-coded results of deviations and local annotations

The VGL kernel can produce complex visualizations with photo-realistic illumination