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VG Support

How Can We Help You?

Our software is used by customers and partners around the world for a wide range of applications in many different industries. Our Technical Solutions Experts from the VG Support Team are ready to provide support on all issues concerning the analysis of data and the use of Volume Graphics software to enable you to achieve optimum results. 

Please direct your enquiries to our Technical Solutions Experts from the VG Support Team by completing the Support Request form

You can also contact us by phone, +49 6221 73920 80, or by e-mail:

Customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico, please contact us by phone, +1 704 248 7736, or by e-mail:

Customers in China, please contact us by phone, +86 10 85326305, or by e-mail:

Customers in Asia (except China and Japan), Australia, and parts of Oceania, please contact us by phone, +65 6665 0311, or by e-mail:

For a general introduction to our software or an in-depth approach to specific solutions, we recommend our training courses and workshops

Software updates and documentations are available to registered users in the login area

"High-Value Support"

Pierluca Magaldi, CEO Metrix3D srl

"On behalf of the whole Metrix3D CT service inspection department, I would like to thank the entire VG Support team for the high-value support and help given. Once again, like in many other cases in the past years, you sent us a quick, clear explanation for our requests, no matter if the topic is hardware configuration or advice in a dedicated defect analysis setup. Volume Graphics continues to be a strategic technical partner in our everyday job and we are proud to work with you."