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Software Release


Discover the Exciting New Capabilities of the Latest Version

What's New in 2024.2

Version 2024.2 is packed with enhanced features to optimize your linear size measurements, offers greatly improved OCR analysis capabilities, and includes additional support options for a wide array of analytical tasks. With exciting new features like noise reduction for VGEasyPore and faster analysis on small ROIs, your workflow just got a major upgrade. 

Overview of Previous Releases:

What's New in 2024.1

Unveil the potential of VGSTUDIO MAX 2024.1 with Interactive HTML Reports and direct Linear Sizes support, enhancing precision and compliance. Explore these and many more new features!
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What's New in 2023.4

Discover the future with VGSTUDIO MAX 2023.4! Experience groundbreaking features like Live Values for easy inspection and annotations, Fixture Simulation for assessing deformed parts, and enhanced Paint & Segment model retraining. Elevate your analysis with efficiency and precision.
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What's New in 2023.3

Unveil the potentials of VGSTUDIO MAX 2023.3, available from September 2023! From enhanced Metrology Reporting to interactive 3D images in reporting, it's a leap towards smarter analysis. Explore now!

What's New in 2023.2

Discover VGSTUDIO MAX 2023.2's exhilarating features available from June 2023! Experience enhanced 'Split ROI' function, new annotations for battery analysis, and immersive 3D results in reports. Explore now!

What's New in 2023.1

Explore VGSTUDIO MAX 2023.1's thrilling new features available from March 2023! Dive into enhanced reporting, intuitive visualization, and groundbreaking analysis functionalities. Revolutionize your workflow today!

What's New in 2022.4

Unveiling VGSTUDIO MAX 2022.4: enhanced reporting, intuitive visualization, and advanced analysis features. Revolutionize your workflow with the latest update available since December 2022. Discover now!

What's New in 2022.3

Discover VGSTUDIO MAX 2022.3: enhanced visualization, faster profile tolerances, and new displacement analyses. Unveiling in October 2022, it's designed to revolutionize your workflow. Learn more now!

What's New in 2022.2

Explore VGSTUDIO MAX 2022.2's thrilling new capabilities available since June 2022! From simplified Rigaku volume import to enhanced reporting features, discover a range of innovations designed to streamline your workflow. Learn more now!

What's New in 2022.1

Discover VGSTUDIO MAX 2022.1: adaptive measurement templates, enhanced geometry elements, advanced wall thickness analysis, and more. Optimize your workflow with innovative features. Learn more now!