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FAQ Integrated Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Integrated Reporting

The integrated reporting function introduced in version 3.4.4 lets you customize reports, automate their creation, and store them directly in your .vgl project. In the first half of 2023, the integrated reporting will completely replace HTML reporting. "Reporting via Excel" will not be affected by this.

The main benefits of the new reporting:

  • Intuitive editor for viewing and editing reports
  • Customizable page layouts
  • Creation of entirely custom report pages
  • Reusability of customized templates
  • Automatable report creation
  • Integration of custom images and custom text into reports
  • Reports as independent objects in the .vgl file that can be viewed and edited
  • Export of well-formatted PDFs with a reasonable file size
  • Creation of multiple reports from the same project for different audiences

The reporting function is continuously being expanded with exciting new features. Depending on the version you are using, not all features described in this FAQ might be available.




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