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Scientific Application Examples

Volume Graphics Software in Use

Guinea shovelnose frog Hemisus guineensis with segmented internal structures

Let Us Help You with Your Research

When scientists require a full-featured, proven, and reliable software for the analysis and visualization of volume data, they choose Volume Graphics software. Whether you’re working in archeology, biology, geology, paleontology or medical research, VGSTUDIO MAX offers features that are perfect for scientific applications.

We're Scientists at Heart
The company Volume Graphics has its roots in science. It was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from a university institute. Back then, Volume Graphics offered the first system for the real-time visualization of computed tomography (CT) data. Today, it’s the solution of choice for thousands of companies – and whenever scientists need to work with volume data.

Use the Scanner That Best Fits Your Needs

It doesn’t matter which technique you use for acquiring the image stacks.
Volume Graphics software will work equally well on various kinds of data, such as:

  • industrial X-ray CT;
  • medical X-ray CT;
  • synchrotron tomography;
  • neutron tomography; or
  • MRI.