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Additive Manufacturing Meets Medical Implants

Conventional, off-the-shelf implants have made it easier for medical professionals to treat the m …

Road to the Golden Surface

No two deviations are created equal. As much as we strive for an ideal form, each part is produced …

A Test of Strength: A Look into Metal Printing

3D printing is all the rage, and with good reason! It allows for the rapid prototyping and printing …

Happy Easter 2022!

We at VG Stories would like to wish you a safe, happy, and colorful Easter. But before you go, …

Head-First into Victory: Designing an Olympic Helmet

It's time for the Winter Olympics! And what better way for us to celebrate at Volume Graphics than …

Need for Speed: Generative Design in Car Racing

When additive manufacturing meets generative design. Check out how UPBracing, the FormulaStudent …

Power to the PAPR: Reverse Engineering in the Pandemic

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which was first identified in December 2019, tipped the first …