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Going with the Flow: Directional Variability

You know what they say—at some point, you gotta just go with the flow. That applies to analyses, to …

Additive Manufacturing Meets Medical Implants

Conventional, off-the-shelf implants have made it easier for medical professionals to treat the m …

One Rule to Rule Them All: The Power of Annotations

Sometimes, analyses leave you with thousands of results—a dream for the project, but a reader's n …

CT Mysteries: A Case in Cheese

Holes have become an icon of Swiss cheese, but in the past years, their numbers have been …

Battle Against the Void: Combining Voids and Inclusions in One Analysis

As you may well know, too much porosity can damage the part, but inclusions can damage the tool. If …

The (R)evolution of Hairpin Inspection

It is difficult to imagine that in 1907, a little over a hundred years ago, cars were just …