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Road to the Golden Surface

No two deviations are created equal. As much as we strive for an ideal form, each part is produced …

Be One with the Distortions: Adaptive Measurement Templates

VGSTUDIO MAX has rolled out with a game-changing feature that has revamped how we work with …

Happy Easter 2022!

We at VG Stories would like to wish you a safe, happy, and colorful Easter. But before you go, …

Hanging by a Thread: Bolts and Screws

A couple of weeks ago, we had a story that reconstructed the thread of a beloved fountain pen. That …

A Change in Perspective (pt. 2): Custom Path and Profile Window

Last week, we did a deep dive into the non-planar and rotation view of VGSTUDIO MAX. This week, …

A Change in Perspective: Non-Planar and Rotation View

Sometimes, to get to the core of a problem, all we need is a new set of eyes—and the possibility o …

The Joy of Bookmarks

Bookmarks in VGSTUDIO MAX—as in real life—work wonders as placeholders. They save our spots in the …

One Rule to Rule Them All: The Power of Annotations

Sometimes, analyses leave you with thousands of results—a dream for the project, but a reader's n …