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Volume Graphics software gives you results you can use right away, including insightful graphics and comprehensive reports: from the export of images, histograms, and data tables in common file formats to the creation of comprehensive and completely customizable inspection reports and even interfaces to third-party quality management or statistical process control software. The reporting features are a great way to share the wealth of information that VGSTUDIO MAX gives you about your scanned part.

Reporting Features

Inspect and measure your parts using a multitude of gray value and surface-based analyses and coordinate measurement features.
Customize your reports using the integrated WYSIWYG editor.
Adapt layout templates to display results according to your specific needs.
Export complete coordinate measurement results or analysis data in the industry standard Q-DAS format.


  • Informative combination of traceability data, numerical results, and 2D images.
  • Customizable content and level of detail for management or technical experts.
  • Connectivity to third-party systems for all reported data.