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Powder Analysis


Determine grain structures in powders used in additive manufacturing, among others. The powder analysis features in VGSTUDIO MAX allow you to measure the form and size of powder particles individually, in specified groups, or in the complete powder sample and generate insightful statistics. Separate grains within powder or other granular materials to quantify them individually and determine important parameters, such as particle size, volume, surface, compactness, distributions of these parameters, and cleanliness of the powder feedstock.

Powder Analysis Features

With the powder analysis, you can:

  • Measure volume, equivalent diameter, sphericity for every single powder grain and complete powder sample.
  • Generate comprehensive statistics and reports.
  • Create 3D visualizations of the complete CT volume and single grains.
  • Create virtual 2D cross sections similar to microscopic 2D powder characterization.
  • Export 2D cross sections for further analyses.
  • Detect inclusions and other impurities.*

*Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Module required

CT scan of metal powder with color coding for powder grain equivalent diameter

Parameters for Individual Grains

You can determine the following parameters for single grains using the powder analysis:

  • Position
  • Volume
  • Equivalent diameter (diameter of a sphere that has the same volume)
  • Surface
  • Mean gray value
  • Sphericity
  • Compactness
3D visualization of volume
3D visualization of equivalent diameter
3D visualization of sphericity
Complete Powder Sample
Single grain
Virtual 2D cross section for a powder 
Virtual 2D cross section, color coded by equivalent diameter 
Directional variability along the y-axis through metal binder jetting green part, which shows irregular powder size distribution throughout the part (images courtesy of Fraunhofer IFAM)
3D visualization of powder volume with detected porosity inside powder grains


Histogram of equivalent diameters
Feature plot of sphericity (X axis) to equivalent diameter (Y axis)


  • Comprehensive and accurate 3D characterization of morphology and size for every powder grain without having to physically isolate the grains
  • Complete statistics, histograms, and feature plots on all measured grain parameters
  • Analysis can be automated to ensure consistent results and reporting of analyses taken over time