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Reverse Engineering


The reverse engineering features in VGSTUDIO MAX connect the physical with the virtual to create a digital twin. Sophisticated functions enable you to reverse engineer parts that have no CAD representation into ready-to-use CAD models.

Reverse Engineering Features

Convert CT scans into CAD models that you can use in CAD systems without the need for a CAD designer or reverse engineering specialist.

With the reverse engineering features, you can:

  • Automatically convert CT scans into CAD models.
  • Generate an autosurface, which is a pattern of 4-sided patches that follow the edges and main features of the model.
  • Export a STEP file to your CAD systems.
  • Use these CAD models to:
    • Generate CAD models for old parts where no CAD information (or only 2D drawings) is available.
    • Make manually generated design models available digitally.
    • Update models of parts or tools that look different than their master CAD models.
    • Enable CAM systems to mill on CAD models instead of meshes.
Extract defined areas such as cooling channels.
Create CAD models of both single components and several assembled parts.


  • Accurate representation of scans and compensated tool geometries
  • No need to learn a CAD system
  • Works on point clouds, meshes, and CT scans