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Inspect your parts automatically and non-destructively with industrial computed tomography (CT) using Volume Graphics software. Automation with VGSTUDIO MAX is simple to set up and works with almost every CT system on the market.

Volume Graphics provides you with a ready-to-use solution that is both fast and flexible: Whenever parts need to be analyzed repeatedly, powerful automation functions are at your side to help speed up your work.

Even if your scanned objects rarely repeat, it could still be well worth automating the recurring parts of your workflow that are general enough to be applied to all kinds of objects.

Automation Features

The automation features in VGSTUDIO MAX:

  • Are a great help when you are working with scans of a series of parts or with scans that contain multiple parts at once.
  • Reduce the possibility for errors.
  • Ensure that inspection results for different parts are comparable.
  • Reduce the time needed to go from the initial scan of an object to the results that you need to generate from it.
  • Can either be included in otherwise manual workflows or handle a complete inspection for you.
Templates contain rules on how to combine the tolerance results of the individual analyses and measurements into a single state that describes the quality of the inspected part.
With macros, you can automate almost all of the functionality that VGSTUDIO MAX provides.
Quick play for macros allows you to access arbitrary functionality that you have recorded at any time via the press of a button.
Multi-apply for macros enables you to handle similar pieces that were part of the same scan in the same way.
Inspection plans describe the complete path from an input scan to a part's final tolerance state, reports, or any other kind of result. 
Batch processing allows you to apply both macros or VGinLINE jobs to a number of input projects without the need for further user intervention.
With VGinLINE, you can fully automate your inspection of incoming CT data.


  • Save time and reduce potential errors in recurring inspections of the same parts.
  • Save time on repeated operations within single parts, multiple parts in a single project, or across whole batches of projects.
  • Easily transition from manual to semi-automated and fully automated inspection scenarios.