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Fiber Composite Material Analysis


Calculate and visualize local and global fiber orientations and fiber volume fractions in composite materials. The fiber composite material analysis features in VGSTUDIO MAX allow you to calculate local and global fiber statistics in the form of fiber orientation tensors or histograms and include porosity analysis results to determine matrix material porosity. You can also determine principal orientations of woven fabrics or lay-up materials and investigate the orientation of plate-like structures. Fiber and matrix statistics can be mapped to volume meshes and exported for use in your simulation software.

Fiber Composite Material Analysis Features

VGSTUDIO MAX offers analysis modes for each class of fiber composite material and manufacturing process. No matter if you work with short fiber-reinforced materials in an injection molding process, long fiber compression-molded parts, or even with woven fabrics of unidirectional fibers—the software has an analysis mode for it all.

3D visualization of local orientations

3D visualization of local orientations with needles

Equatorial plot of a global orientation distribution

3D visualization of planar orientation distribution

Global orientation histograms

Orientation tensor components and fiber volume fraction over thickness in analysis-direction

3D orientation tensors mapped on a regular integration mesh

Fiber volume fraction mapped on a regular integration mesh

Gray value image of a woven fabric

Local orientation using the planar projection mode

Local orientation histograms for calulation of shear angles between the predominant orientations in each cell