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Visualization & Animation


Transform your data sets into stunning visualizations and animations—only your RAM is your limit. The visualization and animation features of Volume Graphics software set the stage for you to present your findings to peers, decision makers, and the general public. Impress your audience in 3D and 2D with exploded views and animations.

Visualization Features

Unrolled object
Unrolled object
Leveled freeform surface
Leveled freeform surface
Exploded view
Ambient Occlusion: With and without Ambient OcclusionAmbient Occlusion: With and without Ambient Occlusion

Animation Features

Simple Keyframer
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  • Versatile 3D visualization of multiple—even very large—voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data sets in one scene
  • Insightful views into visualized objects through exploded views, unrolled objects, transparency settings, and a range of clipping features
  • Stunning photo-realistic renderings enabled by real-time ray tracing, material appearance settings, and support of textured meshes