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CT Reconstruction & Data Quality Analysis


Volume Graphics offers just the right CT reconstruction algorithms for your scanner so you can get the most out of your scans. State-of-the-art artifact reduction techniques help you further optimize your X-ray data, all while standard-conforming data quality analyses monitor the health of your measuring device over time.

CT Reconstruction & Data Quality Analysis Features

Supported CT system geometries
Measuring circuit extension
Artifact corrections
Data quality analysis

Data Quality Analysis

Monitor the data quality of your CT scans over time by keeping track of the spatial resolution and gray value contrast resolution. This ensures a consistently high-quality basis for your analysis and measurement results. Volume Graphics software supports data quality analysis according to ASTM E 1441 and ASTM E 1695.


  • Independent of and compatible with all your CT hardware. Versatile 3D visualization of very large, multiple-voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data sets in one scene.
  • Existing CT hardware can be upgraded with software-based artifact corrections and field-of-view extension
  • Monitoring of CT scan quality to ensure accurate inspection results