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Happy Holidays from VG Stories!

Happy Holidays from VG Stories!

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Eye Candy 2021 (Happy Holidays!)

Assuming that you have read, learned, and heard enough this year, here are just a few colorful pictures that will put you in a festive mood.

A festively decorated Christmas tree with 2021's datasets

If you look closely, you can even find a few old friends from this year.

Glimpse into the Past

Before sliding into the New Year, let's take a look at all our friends that helped us share our VG Stories—and decorate our Christmas tree.

Pocket watch on a Christmas tree

Oh, hello! The pocket watch that comes with the software

So many timeless pieces, just waiting to be restored to their former glory. With a few slick moves, we can find the diamond in the rough. Join us as we clean up our own classic pocket watch! Even better, this sample data set can be found in VGSTUDIO MAX—so fire up the software and try out these neat tricks!

Jack-o'-Lantern on a Christmas tree

The Hokkaido pumpkin we decorated for our Halloween story

It's Halloween time at Volume Graphics! A time of candy, freshly carved jack-o'-lanterns, and costume-themed shenanigans. No matter how you celebrate, we wish you a fun and safe Halloween. Speaking of safe, let's use our tools on VGSTUDIO MAX to digitally carve (and explode) a jack-o'-lantern!

A propeller on a Christmas tree

The propeller, whose surface we made shine via ROIs

By using ROIs, you can really make your surface shine! Check out how we can quickly and easily polish the surface of a propeller.

Toy gorilla on a Christmas tree

The monkey over which we made a bird circle

The animation function of VGSTUDIO MAX puts you in the director's chair. Learn how to play with different camera angles to create a bird's eye view animation!

Cheese on a Christmas tree

A heart made of Swiss cheese whose holes have been rediscovered

Holes have become an icon of Swiss cheese, but in the past years, their numbers have been mysteriously dwindling. Only one question remains—where have all the holes gone? Join researchers at Agroscope as they combine CT technology and agricultural science to unravel and understand the mystery behind disappearing holes in Swiss cheese.

A Playmobil toy on a Christmas tree

The Playmobil figure with many colorful bookmarks

Bookmarks in VGSTUDIO MAX—as in real life—work wonders as placeholders. They save our spots in the project while we shift and rotate objects and work on other analyses. As such, we often drop them somewhere and come back to them later, which easily makes them one of the most overlooked, underused features in the software. Check out how you can use these hidden gems of visualization to showcase your project!

Cheese on a Christmas tree

The donut we shared with our friends

The Art of Clipping: A Piece of Cake

Let's say you invited some virtual friends over for some virtual cake. The question is, how do you even cut this thing? Where's the cake shovel? By using the clipping tools of VGSTUDIO MAX, you will learn that there are many ways to slice a cake—even a virtual one.

All nicely arranged on the Christmas tree, which, by the way, has a pretty low resolution compared to the new Christmas decorations.

In post-production, we added a shadow under the tree and spiced the image up with a wintery touch: with colors straight from the North Pole, a subtle vignette, and of course—snow!

Try it out for yourself and see what a difference it makes!

Chrismas tree before and after post-productionChrismas tree before and after post-production

Happy Holidays!

With this little trip to Winter Wonderland, we say goodbye to you for this year, wish you safe and warm holidays with your loved ones, and look forward to many new stories to tell in the new year.

See you in 2022!

Your VG Storytellers

P.S. Just Two More Images

Christmas tree with x-ray rendering

The power of X-rays: look through the object and reveal what's hidden behind all that green

Christmas tree with ambient occlusion

The power of ambient occlusion: reveal fine structures and depth

Christmas Wallpapers!

Made it all the way here? Reward yourself with free wallpapers and bring a bit of holiday cheer to your workplace!

Got a Story?

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