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Carving a VG Jack-o'-Lantern

Carving a VG Jack-o'-Lantern

Welcome to a spooky and delightfully pumpkin-themed VG Story on jack-o'-lanterns! Because we are wishing you all a safe Halloween, we've decided to create a picture story on how to carve (and explode) pumpkins... digitally, and away from sharp objects. Let's get started!

CT cross-section of the pumpkin

First, let's do what we do best: CT scan a pumpkin

Longitudinal CT slice of the pumpkin

Look at all these sleeping pumpkin babies

Insides of the pumpkin

Even digitally, we need to take out the insides of the pumpkin. Let''s use our surface determination and segmentation tools to create an ROI out of the seeds and other pumpkin innards. Then set this ROI to transparent.

Carved face on the pumpkin

Now we can get to work on the hollow shell. Use segmentation tools, like polyline 3D, to carve the pumpkin from the inside out. Otherwise, we'll cut through the entire pumpkin. That would leave more of a mess!

Add a light source in the center of the pumpkin for that ghastly glow.

Several longitudinal slices combined

Use paper-thin ROIs to create slices! Rotational view allows you to make them into a piece of art

Plenty volume objects filling the scene

But be careful; too many slices and they'll all end up on the floor. If it looks like this, congratulations! Your pumpkin exploded.

The pumpkin with partly peeled cork

A quick peek inside

Exploding pumpkin

If only it were that easy to separate the seeds from the pumpkin and cut it into bite-sized pieces

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Rendering is 1000% VG (Kerstin Version)

Check out how we render a jack-o-lantern for Halloween!

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Halloween is Pumpkin Time

And let's go out with a bang!

Did we miss something? Or do you have an easier or more appealing way to carve a pumpkin? Let us know! 

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