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VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training

Part of the Train-the-Trainer Program

2-day VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training

Volume Graphics partner companies offer training courses at various locations and in additional languages that cover the basics of VGSTUDIO MAX. These 2-day local training courses are exclusively offered by trainers who have been trained and authorized by Volume Graphics, so that the content fits seamlessly into the more advanced course options of VG Academy in proven Volume Graphics quality.

Training Content

The 2-day training covers the basics of VGSTUDIO MAX, which will be addressed in detail to enable participants to get off to a successful start using the Volume Graphics software:

  • Navigation
  • Visualization
  • Segmentation
  • Surface determination
  • Alignment
  • Automation
  • Reporting

Additionally, the following modules will be introduced:

  • Coordinate Measurement
  • Nominal/Actual Comparison
  • Wall Thickness Analysis
  • Porosity/Inclusion Analysis

Target Audience

This training aims at beginners in VGSTUDIO MAX.

Training Partners

The VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training is offered by the following partners:

Further Courses Offered by VG Academy

Possible training paths at VG Academy

Former participants of a VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training course are qualified to participate in the following VG Academy training courses:

  • VGSTUDIO MAX Basic Training courses: for refreshing the basics and deepening the modules – benefit from our alumni discount
  • VGSTUDIO MAX Compact or Intensive Workshop: for working on your own data sets and addressing your individual topics and questions

Dates, Prices, Registration

Please contact your desired training provider regarding dates and prices. The contact details will be displayed once you have selected one of the trainers. Training registration will also take place directly with the authorized trainers.

Want to Become an Authorized Trainer?

You are a Volume Graphics partner and would like to become an authorized trainer? For more information on our Train-the-Trainer program, read our program description.

Any questions? Contact us!

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