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VG Academy 
Train-the-Trainer Program

for Volume Graphics Partners

VG Academy Train-the-Trainer Program
for VGSTUDIO MAX Local Trainings

In our Train-the-Trainer program, we train and authorize employees known to us through their work in Volume Graphics partner companies to conduct 2-day VGSTUDIO MAX Local Trainings.
These Local Training courses will be recognized by VG Academy, giving participants access to more advanced courses and discounted pricing from VG Academy. During the term of their authorization, we will keep the trained trainers informed about training-relevant updates in the software, provide upgrade training materials, and optionally offer language packs for training in additional languages.

Advantages of the Train-the-Trainer Program for Volume Graphics Partners

Requirements for Participation

Valid Partner Agreement 

The Train-the-Trainer program is exclusively for Volume Graphics partners. The basic requirement for participation is therefore a valid partner agreement with Volume Graphics.

* Please note that VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training courses may only be offered in countries in which VG has no subsidiary. For a list of VG Locations, click here

Prior Training Participation

Trainer candidates must have successfully completed a basic VG Academy training course (VGSTUDIO MAX Basic Training – Cast & Mold or VGSTUDIO MAX Power Training) before starting the authorization process. This training should not have been completed more than two years prior to the start of the authorization process.

Stages of the Program

Trainer Education

  • The trainer education takes place on the e-learning platform. For this purpose, trainer candidates will be provided with training material for the VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training and refresher videos on relevant functions in VGSTUDIO MAX.
  • To prepare for the authorization exam, the e-learning platform contains multiple-choice questions that trainer candidates have to work through. The authorization exam in the VG Academy training center can only be taken after all content has been worked through and the online test exam has been passed (60 minutes, 100 questions, 80% pass mark).
  • The trainer candidates will have a maximum of three months for training and preparation for initial authorization.

Initial Authorization

  • The initial authorization will take place at the VG Academy training center and last 2.5 days.
  • During this time, trainer candidates will take a one-hour exam based on the multiple-choice questions they are already familiar with and conduct the VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training to VG Academy trainers.
  • The decisive factor for passing the initial authorization is the written authorization examination, which also consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 60 minutes. The pass mark is also 80%.

The trainer authorization will be valid for one year and has to be renewed after expiry as part of follow-up authorizations.


Upon expiration of the trainer authorization, reauthorizations are required in order to continue working as a Volume Graphics authorized trainer. After the first year, the reauthorization will take place online; after the second year, a reauthorization at the premises of VG Academy will be necessary. The two subsequent authorizations will take place alternately in a one-year cycle.


Online preparation period

After 3 month

Initial authorization at the VG Academy training center*

After 1, 3, 5, ... years

Online reauthorization*

After 2, 4, 6, ... years

Refresher date at VG Academy with reauthorization*

* Includes a 1-hour authorization test with multiple choice; pass mark: 80%.

For the duration of your authorization, you have online access to updates on software functions and updated training content; working through this material is mandatory.

Reauthorization (Online):

  • After the first year and in all further odd years (after 3, 5, ... years).
  • Taking the one-hour online exam after successful exam preparation.

Reauthorization (Classroom):

  • After the second year and in all further even years (after 4, 6, ... years).
  • 2-day appointment at the VG Academy premises, during which parts of the VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training will be held by the trainer candidates. In addition, the one-hour exam must be taken.

Training Platform and Materials

Access to the Platform

  • VG Authorized Trainers will have access to the upgrade learning path on the e-learning platform during the entire validity of their authorization.
  • In this learning path, updated contents will be provided as required, which are relevant for the VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training and have to be worked through by the authorized trainers. This ensures that the authorized trainers are always up to date with the current software version and can pass this knowledge on to the users.

Training Materials and Records

  • VG Academy will provide the authorized trainers with all materials needed to conduct the 2-day VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training.
  • The training manual is personalized and includes the logo of the partner company and the name of the corresponding trainer.
  • The manual is provided in English by default and is optionally available in other languages (see "Language pack").
  • In case of a software release during the validity of the trainer authorization, updated documentation will be provided. This will be done within a reasonable period of time, usually two weeks, but no longer than six weeks.


VG Academy Support

  • With the trainers of VG Academy, competent contact persons are available to the authorized trainers in all matters of training implementation. A lively exchange is desired.
  • VG Academy will support the authorized trainers with the training and provide training licenses and training certificates for the participants. Administrative fees will be incurred for this.

Additional Language Pack

  • Training materials are provided in English by default. The language pack enables the VGSTUDIO MAX Local Training to be conducted in additional languages.
  • The training materials in the selected additional language are provided by VG Academy and updated during the validity of the authorization in case of changes.
  • Additional costs will be incurred for this service.
  • Availability of individual languages is subject to internal review by Volume Graphics.

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