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Training Course Overview

What VG Academy Has to Offer

Training Course

Learn how to use the growing functionality of your software as efficiently as possible in the VG Academy. We offer the following VGSTUDIO MAX training courses for different levels of experience. 

Contact us if you use VGMETROLOGY and are interested in a training course.

Advanced Users

Once you are trained in the basic functions of VGSTUDIO MAX, our spotlight training courses are available for you to expand your knowledge by selected topics:


Once you have a solid foundation, our advanced boot camps and upgrade training courses enable you to fine-tune your expertise:

Experienced Users

Have you been using VGSTUDIO MAX for several years but have yet to complete a training course? Our comprehensive power training will systematically teach you how to perfect your use of our software.

Individual Workshops

The next step after you attend one of our trainings would be to work on your own data in an individual workshop. The duration depends on your particular topics and individual questions (1-3 days).

If you are interested in an individual workshop, please contact us:, +49 6221 73920 810 (in Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa) or, +1 704 248 7736 Ext. 110 (in Canada, USA, and Mexico)

Interactive Training Consultant

Find out which training course is right for you with just a few clicks:

Training Schedules

Now is the time to secure your seat in one of our training courses:

VG Academy customers sitting in training room on front of their computers.
Woman standing in front of a board in the training room

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