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VGSTUDIO MAX Introductory Training

Demystifying CT: Begin Your Journey with VGSTUDIO MAX!

VGSTUDIO MAX Introductory Training

Entering the world of CT with a powerful tool like VGSTUDIO MAX can feel overwhelming. Let's fix that. 

Our VGSTUDIO MAX Introductory Training is here to transform our extensive software capabilities into your most trusted ally. Boost your skills, understand your tools, and create impressive imagery like never before. Register now and take your first step toward mastering VGSTUDIO MAX!

E-Learning by VG Academy

With our new e-learning offer, you can access complete courses of VG Academy regardless of your location.

E-Learning by VG Academy



Join this 2-week online course and find yourself effortlessly navigating the software interface, CT data visualization techniques and basic analyses. At the end of this course, you’ll understand:

  • the basics, concepts, and workflows in VGSTUDIO MAX;
  • how to handle organic and multi-material CT-data sets;
  • how to perform advanced segmentation; and
  • how to generate stunning visualizations and animations.

Introductory training courses work exclusively with selected training data provided by VG Academy.

Target Group

Scientists from the fields of life sciences, paleontology, archeology, and related disciplines. 

Note: Add-on modules are not part of this training course.

Training Dates

Training dates for classroom training courses on request.

Admission Requirements


Additional requirements for e-learning:

  • A system that meets the regular system requirements for running VGSTUDIO MAX
  • Dual screen setup for running VGSTUDIO MAX on one screen while watching the learning content on the other screen
  • A minimum of 8 GB RAM, recommended is 16 GB RAM
  • 3-button mouse with scroll wheel
  • Depending on the environment, a headset/headphones may be useful
  • Stable internet connection (min. 5 Mbit/s, recommended: 10 Mbit/s)


  • EUR 1,400 per person for courses in Heidelberg, Germany (plus VAT if applicable)
  • EUR 1,400 per person for courses in Singapore (plus GST if applicable)

The price includes the training course, training materials, and a certificate.

Quotes from Participants

"The training is very well designed, with contents and examples relevant to VGSTUDIO MAX software users. In addition, the explanations are great, with a very didactic and thoughtful speech."

Any questions? Contact us!

Europe, Australia, and Africa:

Phone: +49 6221 73920 810

The Americas:

Phone: +1 704 248 7736 Ext. 110

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