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E-Learning by VG Academy

Want to boost your knowledge in VGSTUDIO MAX but can’t quite get travel permission from management? Or do you simply enjoy the convenience of learning at your own pace in a familiar environment? Then VG Academy e-learning is the ideal solution for you! With our new e-learning offer, you can access complete courses regardless of your location—designed just for you by VG Academy.

What Is E-Learning by VG Academy?

E-learning by VG Academy offers an intuitive, well-structured learning environment in a state-of-the-art e-learning platform. Our e-learning courses are designed to provide you with: 

  • student-centered, informative learning videos;
  • interactive elements that ensure learning success;
  • discussion forums for a lively exchange with course participants and trainers;
  • high-quality trainer support via e-mail with fast response times; and
  • live Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding of the material.

Any questions? Contact us!

In Europe, Latin America (without Mexico), and Africa:

Phone: +49 6221 73920 810

In Canada, USA, and Mexico:

Phone: +1 704 248 7736 Ext. 110

In Asia (except China and Japan), Australia, and parts of Oceania:

Phone: +65 6665 0311

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