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What's New in VGSTUDIO MAX

Discover the Exciting New Capabilities of Version 3.5 (as of December 2021, Version 3.5.2)

Version 3.5.2 of VGSTUDIO MAX is now available for download. Building on the innovations of version 3.4.x, you will benefit from the following new capabilities* in version 3.5.2:

Manufacturing Geometry Correction

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Finding Points to Compensate
Ways to Compensate 
Visualization of Compensated Points 
Fitting Surfaces to Compensated Points 
Eliminating the Need for Nominal/Actual Comparison between Nominal and Mold
Transform Specific Points for Compensation during Import

Mesh Compensation (Part of the Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module)

Compensation Mesh for Additive Manufacturing
Improved Mesh Compensation User Interface
Compensation Mesh Color Overlay 
Control Points and Compensation Vectors Visualization
Better Results for Large Deviations
Manual Control Points Placement
Uniform Control Points Placement
Iterative Compensation Process
ROI as Reference Object
Better Uniform Control Point Distribution in Mesh Compensation: Before and AfterBetter Uniform Control Point Distribution in Mesh Compensation: Before and After
Better Uniform Control Point Distribution in Mesh Compensation</span><span>&nbsp;
Wireframe View for Compensation Mesh Preview</span><span>&nbsp;
Add Two Compensation Meshes Considering Their Compensation Factors
More New Mesh Compensation Features

Porosity/Inclusion Analysis

Support of BDG Reference Sheet P 203
New BDG P 203 Functions
Support of the Quality Factor Q</span><span>&nbsp;acc. to BDG P 203
Automatic Porosity Key Annotations for Porosity Analysis acc. to BDG P 203</span><span>&nbsp;
NOK Count Function and Display of Out-of-Tolerance Pores in the Porosity Analysis acc. to BDG P 203</span><span>&nbsp;
P 201/P 202 Porosity Analysis with Improved Support of VW Specifications PV 6097 and PV 6093</span><span>&nbsp;
More New Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Features:
Equivalent Pore Diameter

Reporting and Traceability

New Integrated Reporting
Advanced Table Properties in Report Editor
Ordering Page Elements in Report Editor
Customizable&nbsp;Report Sections and External Images
Number of pores over number of casts
Q-DAS Export for Porosity/Inclusion Analysis Results
Improved Q-DAS Export for More Analysis Results
More Customizable Report Layouts</span><span>&nbsp;
Resizing and Re-Ordering Table Columns in Reports</span><span>&nbsp;
Add Static, Dynamic, and Custom Text Fields to Reports
Copy and Paste Images from Other Applications into the Report Editor
Place Arbitrary Report Content in Sections via Absolute References
More Info Field Options in Reports</span><span>&nbsp;
Multi-Selection and Copy and Paste for Report Layout Elements</span><span>&nbsp;
Re-Ordering of Section Groups in the Report Editor</span><span>&nbsp;
More New Reporting and Traceability Features:
<h3>Support for Specific Report Templates</h3>
More New Reporting and Traceability Features:

Nominal/Actual Comparison

Automated Annotations for Min./Max. Deviations
Faster Nominal/Actual Comparison Calculations

File Input/Output

TXM Volume Import
HiXCT Multiple Volume Import
Window Options when Saving Images
Save Image of Complete Workspace
More New File Input/Output Features
Rigaku Volume Import</span><span>&nbsp;
Merging Multiple Scans in One Go
More New File Input/Output Features:

Visualization and Navigation

Ambient Occlusion</span><span>&nbsp;
Ambient Occlusion: With and without Ambient OcclusionAmbient Occlusion: With and without Ambient Occlusion
<h3>Improved 3D Rendering Performance in Scenes with Many Objects</h3>

CT Reconstruction

Support of Angular Positions</span><span>&nbsp;
More New CT Reconstruction Features:

Coordinate Measurement

"Resize Element" as New Type of Geometry Element
Mirroring CAD Models
More New Coordinate Measurement Features
Improved Performance for Projects with Many Coordinate Measurement Objects
Select and Remove Fit Points Using ROIs</span><span>&nbsp;
New User Interface to Manipulate Geometry Elements
More New Coordinate Measurement Features:

Wall Thickness Analysis

Create ROI from Sphere-Based Wall Thickness Mask</span><span>&nbsp;
Automatically Create Annotations for Ray-Based Minimum and Maximum Wall Thickness

Reverse Engineering

Quad Mesh Preview
Use a Lower Number of Control Points for B-Splines When Converting Volumes to CAD Models

Foam/Powder Analysis

Equivalent Cell/Grain Diameter</span><span>&nbsp;

All Analyses

Import Setting for Color Bars in Evaluation Templates
Alignment of Integration Meshes</span><span>&nbsp;
Extended Import of ABAQUS as Integration Mesh

Volume Meshing

Sharp Edges in Tetrahedral Mesh Creation
"Flip Edges" Option for Optimized Mesh Quality
Simple and Expert Mode for Volume Meshing
Visualize the Local Quality of Tetrahedra
NASTRAN Export for Volume Meshes
More New Volume Meshing Features:&nbsp;

Structural Mechanics Simulation

Improved Structural Mechanics Simulation Performance
Mapping of von Mises Strain in Structural Mechanics Simulation


Improved Display of Objects in Macros
<h3>More Detailed Macro Step Descriptions</h3>


Using Floating Licenses with Previous Version
Multiple User Sessions on One Machine with Floating Licenses</span><span>&nbsp;

*Depending on the platform, there are differences in the range of functions for different operating systems. See our continuously updated Product Information page for details.