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Installing and Upgrading

How to Install Volume Graphics Software

How to Install Volume Graphics Software

1. Downloading the Software

Download the installer of your purchased software and the installation instructions from your download account. Please make sure to download the installation instructions that correspond to your product and license model (node-locked, dongle, local floating, continental floating, global floating). You can find your product and license model in your delivery note.

2. Installing the Software

Install the software by following the detailed instructions you've downloaded from your download account.

3. When Do I Have to Request a License?

You have to request a license

  • when you install the software for the very first time;
  • when you upgrade to 2023.3, e.g., from 2.x or 3.x;
  • when you ordered additional modules;
  • when you ordered additional licenses.

For information on how to request a license, please refer to the installation instructions.

You do not have to request a license

  • when you install a new service pack for an already installed version (e.g., you upgrade from 3.4.1 to 3.4.2), because then the already existing license is used; or
  • when you install myVGL or VGMETROLOGY VIEWER.

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