Discover the Exciting New Capabilities of Version 3.5 (as of May 2021, Version 3.5.0)

Version 3.5.0 of VGMETROLOGY is now available. Building on the innovations of version 3.4.x, you will benefit from the following new capabilities* in version 3.5.0:

Manufacturing Geometry Correction

Finding Points to Compensate
Ways to Compensate 
Visualization of Compensated Points 
Fitting Surfaces to Compensated Points 

Mesh Compensation (Part of the Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module)

Compensation Mesh for Additive Manufacturing
Improved Mesh Compensation User Interface
Compensation Mesh Color Overlay 
Control Points and Compensation Vectors Visualization
Better Results for Large Deviations
Manual Control Points Placement
Uniform Control Points Placement
Iterative Compensation Process
ROI as Reference Object
More New Mesh Compensation Features

Reporting and Traceability

New Integrated Reporting
Advanced Table Properties in Report Editor
Ordering Page Elements in Report Editor
Customizable Report Sections and External Images

Nominal/Actual Comparison

Automated Annotations for Min./Max. Deviations
Faster Nominal/Actual Comparison Calculations

File Input/Output

Window Options when Saving Images
Save Image of Complete Workspace
More New File Input/Output Features

Coordinate Measurement

"Resize Element" as New Type of Geometry Element
Mirroring CAD Models
More New Coordinate Measurement Features

Reverse Engineering

Quad Mesh Preview

All Analyses

Import Setting for Color Bars in Evaluation Templates


Using Floating Licenses with Previous Version

*Depending on the platform, there are differences in the range of functions for different operating systems. See our continuously updated Product Information page for details.