An additively manufactured cabin bracket with deliberately inserted discontinuities (part courtesy of Airbus Emerging Technologies & Concepts): The software generates a color-coded display of the locations of the weak points directly on the scan of the real component.

Volume Graphics Releases Structural Mechanics Simulation for VGSTUDIO MAX 3.0

Volume Graphics has released the brand new, cutting-edge Structural Mechanics Simulation Module for its extendable high-end software VGSTUDIO MAX 3.0. Keeping in line with the Volume Graphics tradition of groundbreaking innovation, this visionary, optionally available add-on module opens new doors when it comes to evaluating parts: Users can now easily predict how much force a part could theoretically withstand using nothing more than CT data, making time-consuming and lossy meshing a thing of the past. Virtual functionality tests can now be performed directly on the CT data obtained from real-world parts. 

The new Structural Mechanics Simulation Module:

  • simulates mechanical stress directly on voxel data;
  • calculates values such as von Mises stress and hotspots;
  • supports three types of force: directed force, torque, and pressure;
  • enables non-experts to conduct complex simulations;
  • eliminates meshing as a source of error compared to established methods;
  • delivers results faster because complex meshing is no longer required; and
  • works even on huge data sets.

Service Pack 3 Updates the Entire 3.0 Family

The new Structural Mechanics Simulation Module is part of the recently released service pack 3, which updates the entire 3.0 family. This service pack offers a number of improvements for VGSTUDIO MAX 3.0VGSTUDIO 3.0VGMETROLOGY 3.0VGinLINE 3.0, and myVGL 3.0. Among other things, service pack 3 adds new field of view (FOV) extension modes for CT reconstruction, allowing users to scan large objects without truncation or stitching the projection files – and all of this at full spatial resolution.

New Version Availability

New versions of all applications are available now. Volume Graphics will provide quotes for VGSTUDIO MAX 3.0, VGSTUDIO 3.0, VGMETROLOGY 3.0, and VGinLINE 3.0 upon request

Volume Graphics also offers free test versions of VGSTUDIO MAX 3.0, VGSTUDIO 3.0, and VGMETROLOGY 3.0 for temporary use. 

myVGL 3.0 is available free of charge and can be requested on the Volume Graphics website.