Release of Version 3.2.4

Version 3.2.4 boasts, among other things, a faster-to-use data quality analysis according to ASTM E 1695 and an extended interface between VGSTUDIO MAX and Digimat.


Release of Version 3.2.3

Version 3.2.3 boasts, among other things, multi-ROI reconstruction and improvements in file import.


Release of Version 3.2.2

In version 3.2.2, users can look forward to a new option to monitor data quality of CT scans and an improved CAD geometry correction.


Volume Graphics uses Kakadu Software

Volume Graphics chose Kakadu by Kakadu Software Pty. Ltd. as new library for JPEG2000 image import and export throughout its software for the analysis and ...

UGM 2017: Check out the Photo Gallery!

UGM 2017: Check out the Photo Gallery!

An additively manufactured cabin bracket with deliberately inserted discontinuities (part courtesy of Airbus Emerging Technologies & Concepts): The software generates a color-coded display of the locations of the weak points directly on the scan of the real component.



Version 3.1.2: Tool Correction as a Fully Digital Workflow

The update to version 3.1.2 opens up a new field of application for you: The Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module gives you the power to correct the tooling, eliminate geometry deviations, and prevent part failure.


UGMNA, a new event for the NDT community, comes to Charlotte, NC

Volume Graphics will host a new must-attend event for the North American CT and NDT community in Charlotte, NC: The first Volume Graphics User Group Meeting North America (UGMNA).