What's New in VGSTUDIO

Discover the Exciting New Capabilities of Version 3.5 (as of May 2021, Version 3.5.0)

Version 3.5.0 of VGSTUDIO is now available. Building on the innovations of version 3.4.x, you will benefit from the following new capabilities* in version 3.5.0:

Reporting and Traceability

New Integrated Reporting
Advanced Table Properties in Report Editor
Ordering Page Elements in Report Editor
Customizable Report Sections and External Images

File Input/Output

TXM Volume Import
HiXCT Multiple Volume Import
Window Options when Saving Images
Save Image of Complete Workspace
More New File Input/Output Features

CT Reconstruction

Support of Angular Positions</span><span>&nbsp;

*Depending on the platform, there are differences in the range of functions for different operating systems. See our continuously updated Product Information page for details.