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Your Pit Stop for Quality

Measure, Inspect, and Optimize—with Volume Graphics Software

Get Full Control from Mold to Part

Just as every millisecond in a pit stop counts in a race, every little detail counts when inspecting safety-relevant components. Volume Graphics is your pit crew. From mold to injection-molded part, from part design to inspection—Volume Graphics software gives you the insights to constantly push the quality boundaries of your plastic parts and establish efficient workflows. The software runs on data provided by the latest computed tomography (CT) technology. 

Volume Graphics software enables you to identify the most important injection molding defects, whether caused by the mold or the injection molding process— quickly, easily, and with incredible accuracy. No matter how complex the shape might be, Volume Graphics allows you to sign off on processes and accurately inspect your plastic or composite parts.

Volume Graphics and Renault F1® Team

Follow Renault F1 Team’s lead and rely on Volume Graphics’ inspection expertise: As part of a multi-year agreement, Volume Graphics is proud to support Renault F1 Team. Since 2016, Renault F1 Team has used VGSTUDIO MAX to analyze and visualize CT data. CT and Volume Graphics have since then contributed to a significant increase in the analysis capabilities of Renault F1 Team’s test laboratory.

Your Comprehensive Toolbox

Measure, Inspect, and Optimize—All with One Software

Volume Graphics supports you in all phases of injection molding, from part design and process simulation to automated inspection. With VGSTUDIO MAX, you get a comprehensive software that offers tools for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, mold cavity correction, wall thickness analysis, nominal/actual comparison, porosity and inclusion analyses, tool optimization, volume meshing, and fiber analyses.

Why CT?

The Most Reliable Technology for 3D Inspection

Computed tomography (CT) data provides a comprehensive view of the injection molded part because of its ability to accurately represent both surfaces and inner structures. In combination with VGSTUDIO MAX, CT offers the unique possibility of getting a full understanding of a part’s quality. 

Because CT reconstruction produces a complete representation of a component in 3D based on a large number of 2D X-ray images, CT allows the user to draw conclusions on the external and internal structures of a component and its material properties. Thus, CT can answer more complex questions than tactile or optical inspection methods. 

While tactile coordinate measurement methods are also non-destructive, CT is also non-intrusive. This means measuring with CT doesn’t deform the part. And unlike optical methods, CT still works accurately even if the part reflects or is translucent. 

Volume Graphics offers a fully integrated CT reconstruction function, which works equally well with different CT systems from different manufacturers. Most major CT system providers sell Volume Graphics software together with their hardware. In addition, we rely on a worldwide network of distributors to serve our customers around the globe.