Volume Graphics

Welcome to Volume Graphics GmbH
the leading provider of software for the analysis and visualization of industrial voxel/computer tomography (CT) data. The Volume Graphics product portfolio, which includes the software packages VGStudio MAX, VGStudio and myVGL, offers sophisticated tools for simple, efficient and highly accurate analysis and visualization of CT data.

With a functionality including coordinate measurement, automatic porosity/inclusion detection and wall thickness analysis performed directly on  the voxel dataset, Volume Graphics has been setting the world standard in industrial CT data analysis. The unique underlying VGL technology allows both voxel and CAD data to be visualized and analyzed within the same software environment. This is why far more precise analysis results can be achieved using VGStudio MAX for an actual/nominal comparison directly on the voxel data than with any other method.

In addition to software for the visualization and analysis of voxel data, Volume Graphics provides a low-cost graphics card-based CT reconstruction solution as a part of the Volume Graphics family of software products. It is available for both end users and OEM partners.

VGL visualization technology is used not only in industry but also in other sectors such as research, medical engineering and archeology. Thanks to our unique know-how and experience acquired over many years, Volume Graphics has become an authority in all areas of voxel/CT data processing technology.