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Boot Camp


VGSTUDIO MAX Boot Camp – Automation

This 1-day Boot Camp is a practice-oriented course focusing on the basics of automation. During the course, various automation tasks are implemented using VGSTUDIO MAX.


Course Objectives

You'll learn:

  • what the prerequisites for automation are;
  • how to develop a workflow for automatic data analysis;
  • how to create and use the various building blocks for automation;
  • how to work with macros and utilize batch processing; and
  • how to document your results. 


  • Discussion of the prerequisites and scenarios for automation
  • Preparations for automation (import, surface determination, alignment)
  • Concepts of automation (macro-recording, evaluation, report rules, batch processing).
  • Practical implementation of different automation scenarios with increasing difficulty
  • Creation of reports (bookmark import & images, VGRF)
  • Additional time for independent practice supervised by our trainers

Our boot camps work exclusively with selected training data provided by VG Academy.

Target Group

Advanced users who are interested in automation options in VGSTUDIO MAX

Admission Requirements

In order to be able to fully understand and participate in the exercises featured in this course, please understand that previous participation in one of our Basic Training courses as well as basic knowledge of and experience with VGSTUDIO MAX is required. 


  • EUR 700 per person for courses in Heidelberg, Germany (plus VAT if applicable)
  • USD 1,250 per person for courses in Charlotte, NC, USA (plus VAT if applicable)

The price includes the 1-day training, training materials, and business lunch.

Quotes from Participants

"Very useful for your work!"

"Great! Good examples."

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