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Customer Success Package

Success Is a Process—
One in Which We Accompany You

We want to help our customers get the most out of industrial CT and Volume Graphics software—from initial implementation of CT to fine-tuning workflows. To do this, we have designed the Customer Success Package. Its combination of consulting and training (both online) allows you to generate real added value for your company by using our software. 

When purchasing the software, you can add the Customer Success Package at a reduced price (compared to purchasing training and consulting separately). The Customer Success Package is available for VGSTUDIO MAX and is offered exclusively by Volume Graphics GmbH.*

Volume Graphics Customer Success Package: Process, elements, approach

The Customer Success Package is divided into two phases: one to create the theoretical prerequisites and one for ramp-up and practical implementation.

The Customer Success Package for Phase 1

The Customer Success Package for Phase 1 creates the theoretical prerequisites for a successful implementation of a CT solution in practice: To evaluate possible scanning and analysis potential, our Technical Consultants start by taking a look at your specific situation with consulting to the extent of 1 person-day (equivalent to 8 person-hours). Then, in VG Academy, you will learn to utilize your software in a VGSTUDIO MAX Basic Training – Cast & Mold (e-learning) for 1 participant.

The Customer Success Package for Phase 2

The Customer Success Package for Phase 2 is devoted to scanning and analysis practice and can be purchased after completing Phase 1. It is available either with focuses on CT technology or on data analysis. During the ramp-up, our consulting team will support you with consulting services to the extent of 1 or 2 days (depending on the selected package) in the professional scanning and analysis of your components. After 6 to 12 months, depending on the package selected, our technical consultants will take a look at your workflows (CT Technology Package) or you will attend an in-depth workshop by VG Academy (Data Analysis Package).

* The Customer Success Package is offered exclusively by Volume Graphics GmbH and applies exclusively to the sales region of Volume Graphics GmbH (sales region Europe, Middle East, and Africa).