Manufacturing Geometry Correction


Optimize Your Manufacturing Process

With the new Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module, you can lower the number of iterations during initial sampling—keeping the quality up and the time to market short.

Use scans of your sample part to precisely calculate any necessary changes to injection molds, punching tools, or geometries of 3D printed parts.

These corrections take all details of the part and the mold into account without the need for elaborate inspection or reverse engineering workflows.

Quickly and easily export information about the newly calculated surfaces directly as CAD—and thus create an optimal part/mold fit in just a few steps.

Example: Correction of an Injection Mold Using the Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module

  • Use voxel, .stl, and CAD data together in one software.
  • Get a color-coded visualization that shows you at a glance any deviations of the manufactured part from the target model, including curvatures and undercuts.
  • Use scan data of the part to quickly and easily generate correction areas in CAD format to adapt the part and the tool shape.

A Seamless Workflow

 The Manufacturing Geometry Correction Module combines the manufacturing, testing, and correction of tools and components into a seamless digital workflow—for both traditional casting processes as well as for additive manufacturing.


* Requires the Coordinate Measurement and Nominal/Actual Comparison Modules.