Licenses and Packages


Licensing Options

  • Five license models: Node-locked, Local Floating, Continental Floating, Global Floating, or Dongle License
  • Six languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
  • Free evaluation license with full functionality:
  • Optional update/service agreement for access to regular product updates and priority support 
  • Individually combinable add-on modules for tailoring VGSTUDIO MAX to your needs

Packages and Bundles

  • Preconfigured for the most common tasks within various industries 
  • Considerable savings in comparison to buying modules separately 
  • Package: Includes a VGSTUDIO MAX license, a selection of add-on modules, and a one-year update/service agreement
  • Bundle: Consists of a selection of add-on modules and a one-year update/service agreement

System Requirements

Please visit our website to read about the latest system requirements for VGSTUDIO MAX: