With the Volume Graphics product family, all kinds of analyses and visualizations can be carried out directly on data from industrial computed tomography (CT).

Version 3.2.3 Is Here

Volume Graphics introduces version 3.2.3 of its product family for the analysis and visualization of industrial computed tomography (CT) data – consisting of VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, VGMETROLOGY, VGinLINE, and myVGL. Version 3.2.3 boasts, among other things, multi-ROI reconstruction and improvements in file handling.


Multi-ROI Reconstruction

With multi-ROI reconstruction, users of VGSTUDIO MAX and VGinLINE can now reconstruct multiple regions that are relevant for their inspection task in one go — manually or automatically. These Regions of Interest (ROIs), which can be arbitrarily shaped, can be defined in a low resolution volume preview. Multi-ROI reconstruction leads to shorter reconstruction times and lower memory consumption when performing automated inspections of multiple parts in one scan or automated inspections of electronic parts using advanced planar CT. 

Data IO

In version 3.2.3, users of VGSTUDIO MAX, VGMETROLOGY, and VGSTUDIO now save time when importing mesh files by simply dragging and dropping them into the scene.

Users of VGSTUDIO MAX and VGSTUDIO further benefit from the support of file formats with different source file types (e.g., Shimadzu, Toshiba, NSI, Aracor) by the data collect functionalities (e.g., "Pack and go" and "Save as").

Multi-ROI reconstruction enables you to reconstruct relevant regions in one go

Availability of the New Version

VGSTUDIO MAX 3.2.3, VGSTUDIO 3.2.3, VGMETROLOGY 3.2.3, and VGinLINE 3.2.3 are available now. Volume Graphics is happy to provide quotes upon request.

Volume Graphics offers free evaluation versions of VGSTUDIO MAX 3.2.3, VGSTUDIO 3.2.3, and VGMETROLOGY 3.2.3 for temporary use.

myVGL 3.2.3 is available free of charge and can be requested on the Volume Graphics website.