No Control? Let's Get Digital!

Volume Graphics Digital Control Booth, May 4–8

Online in May 2020: Discover Your Software of Choice for Industrial CT

In lieu of the cancelled Control International Trade Fair 2020, we look forward to meeting with our community of users in an exciting and new digital space: the Volume Graphics Digital Control Booth (May 4–8, 2020). Discover the latest in industrial CT and find out about the newest developments in metrology, defect detection, and automation. Engage with the experts behind the products you use every day! Bring your questions and curiosity and leave with new impulses that you can use and share.

With multiple sessions planned for each day of this week-long event, we'll show you the latest versions of VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, VGMETROLOGY, and VGinLINE—your software of choice for the analysis and visualization of industrial 3D computed tomography (CT) data. 

The founders and managing directors of Volume Graphics GmbH: Christoph Poliwoda, Christof Reinhart, and Thomas Günther (from left to right)

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