Trailer "Voxel Visionaries: A Cinematic Celebration of Volume Graphics Users"

Voxel Visionaries: A Cinematic Celebration of Volume Graphics Users

Let's be honest: It has been a long, challenging year. But even in life's hardest years, it's important to hold fast to community and celebrate the joys as they come. For us, this has meant dedicating our time to serving and supporting you in the most reliable, resourceful, and creative ways possible as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of 2020 together. And now, it's time to focus on the joyous part of 2020: celebrating you, the Volume Graphics community, and the wonderful work you have accomplished! 

On November 17, we invite you to join us for the online premiere of "Voxel Visionaries", a documentary highlighting the amazing work of four Volume Graphics users across various fields and continents, accompanied by personal insights from our founders. The online film premiere will conclude with a Q&A session with Volume Graphics founders Christof Reinhart, Christoph Poliwoda, and Thomas Guenther.

Join us as we unveil this compelling, fun-to-watch narrative, answer your questions, and celebrate the ingenuity and unwavering spirit of the Volume Graphics user community!

"Voxel Visionaries" 
Online Movie Premiere

November 17, 2020

Join us for the global premiere of "Voxel Visionaries", followed by a Q&A with Volume Graphics founders Christof Reinhart, Christoph Poliwoda, and Thomas Guenther

Free Voxel Visionaries Movie Poster

Download a little movie premiere feeling with our Voxel Visionaries movie poster.

Let's Celebrate 20 Years of VGSTUDIO MAX

In addition to celebrating your achievements, we are also excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our flagship product, VGSTUDIO MAX. It's hard to believe that two decades have gone by since the year 2000—the year Volume Graphics delivered the final version of VGSTUDIO MAX 1.0 to its customers. 

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and review the innovations we've achieved over the years that enable our users to maintain the highest quality standards by providing full insight into their products.

Count Down to the Premiere With Us 

We can't wait to show you the world of "Voxel Visionaries" on November 17th! To stay informed and celebrate as a community,  we encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as subscribe to our newsletter.