Renault F1® Team Uses Volume Graphics

Renault F1 Team concludes multi-year agreement with Volume Graphics

"The Confidence We Need to Push the Boundaries of Innovation"

Volume Graphics is proud to support Renault F1® Team as part of a multi-year agreement. Since 2016, the team uses VGSTUDIO MAX for the analysis and visualization of CT data. CT and Volume Graphics have, since then, contributed to a significant increase in the analysis capabilities of Renault F1 Team's test laboratory.


"Safety and reliability cannot be negotiated in our world and this new partnership gives us the confidence we need to push the boundaries of innovation in both chassis and engine design. Having Volume Graphics alongside us creates a dynamic approach to projects relating to non-destructive testing and metrology processes within Renault F1 Team." 

Nick Chester, Chassis Technical Director at Renault F1® Team

"Racing is the essence of what Volume Graphics stands for: speed, precision, and engineering excellence. Our software is used daily by numerous customers around the world to inspect the most advanced and complex components. But a high-performance sport like this takes us to totally new, previously unknown limits. Overcoming these limits not only helps Renault F1 Team but all of our other customers."

Christof Reinhart, CEO Volume Graphics GmbH 


Around the world customers such as Renault F1 Team put their trust in Volume Graphics. Not only in our insightful software, but also in our comprehensive consulting, support, and training. Volume Graphics gives them a decisive advantage: The ability to gain reliable insights and make better products.

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