Our free interface tool for CT system producers

VGProject SDK

For producers of CT systems, Volume Graphics provides a free interface tool allowing them to connect their computed tomography scanners directly to VGStudio MAX. The tool can be used to develop an interface which will save the data describing a project in a VGL file even while scanning is in process and to append them to the CT raw data.

The tool is called VGProject Software Development Kit (VGProject SDK). It requires little integration effort while producing excellent results: After scanning, a project can immediately be opened or reconstructed using the CT Reconstruction add-on module, enabling the user to start analyzing the data set immediately.

The VGL file allows certain Windows features such as previews or search functions to be used. The user can, for example, search for the names of components, materials, names, scanner data and other information included in the file. In other words: The VGL file allows database functionality to be used within Windows.

But on top of all that, the VGProject SDK allows a further communication interface to be created in order to address one or several PCs from the CT system. If VGStudio or VGStudio MAX is installed on one of these PCs, reconstruction and/or analyses can be initiated directly from within the CT scanner software. This is an important feature laying the foundation for CT automation solutions.