An additively manufactured cabin bracket with deliberately inserted discontinuities (miniaturized, without surface finishing, and with the typical appearance of a printed part; part courtesy of Airbus Emerging Technologies & Concepts): The software generates a color-coded display of the locations of the weak points directly on the scan of the real component.

New: Structural Mechanics Simulation

With the new Structural Mechanics Simulation Module for VGStudio MAX 3.0, you can predict how much force a part could theoretically withstand solely based on the voxel data from your CT scan. Using nothing more than CT data, the new add-on module makes time-consuming and lossy meshing a thing of the past. With our easy-to-use software module, you define which part of the object surface is subject to fixture and which is subject to a load.

The module:

  • simulates mechanical stress directly on voxel data;
  • eliminates meshing as source of error compared to established methods;
  • delivers results faster because complex meshing is no longer required;
  • enables non-experts to conduct complex simulations;
  • supports three types of force:

    • direct force;
    • torque;
    • pressure;

  • calculates values such as von Mises stress and hotspots;
  • works even on large data sets; and
  • is suitable for parts made of a single material.